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Nashville Tennessee Workers' Compensation
Shoulder Injuries

You Need An Attorney Who Knows Tennessee Workers' Comp
Shoulder Injury Cases

The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore in Nashville, Tennessee, is a Workers Compensation and injury firm. Attorney Kevin A. Moore handles all of his cases with dedication and skill of a highly experienced and veteran Workers Comp Lawyer. Kevin's clients receive his personal attention and deal directly with him as he fights the insurance companies for their just compensation.

Tennessee Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury Cases

Your Shoulder Injury

Work-related shoulder injuries are common problems in the workplace. In fact, shoulder injuries are among the most common of Tennessee Workman's Comp work-related injuries; more than half of shoulder injuries were for rotator cuff problems. The other two most common shoulder injuries are chronic dislocations and biceps tendon tears. Upper shoulder injuries can be a result of various causes and are usually evident by pain in or around the shoulder joint and can frequently be caused or worsened by jobs involving repetitive motion.

Shoulder injuries can occur as the result of a lifting accident, reaching accident, work-related motor vehicle accident, pushing or pulling heavy equipment or parcels, or doing overhead work. Regardless of the work-related cause, shoulder injuries can be painful, require expensive care, and you could even be forced to change jobs.

While some of these injuries can heal in short amount of time, others lead to permanent damage that might require surgery for repair. Surgery can keep you away from work for a long time in order to recover. Many times a significant shoulder injury can prevent a worker from even returning to their pre-injury profession. This situation is especially common in the construction, landscaping and manufacturing industries. If your employer will not accommodate your medical work restrictions or the insurance company is not providing you with the right care, now is the time to contact an Attorney!

For example, the doctor provided by the Insurance Companies may tell you that your shoulder pain is just part of the aging process. You need a second opinion from a doctor that you trust. Kevin will fight to get you the medical care and attention you deserve. If you have an accident at work you are legally allowed a panel of doctors that you to choose from. Many employers send injured workers to their own doctor without giving an injured worker the panel of doctors. Kevin will make sure the employer gets you not only the panel of doctors, but also all the medical care that is recommended by those doctors.

Please Contact Kevin at the Tennessee Workers Comp law firm of Kevin Moore. We understand your concerns and will outline your valuable legal rights and guide you on what you should do with respect to getting appropriate treatment under the workers compensation laws.

You May be Covered By Tennessee Workers Compensation Law

According to Tennessee Workers Compensation Statutes you could qualify for both medical benefits and lost wages as a result of you're on the job injury. According to TN Workers Comp law, employers who have 5 or more full or part-time employees, all employers engaged in the mining and production of coal with one (1) or more employees and all contractors in the construction industry with one (1) or more employees are required to have workers compensation insurance. Additionally the employer is required to post a Workers Compensation Posting Notice in English and Spanish if there are Spanish speaking employees.

If your employer is required to have workers compensation insurance and does not, you should call a workers comp attorney to discuss your options for pursuing your case.

Medical Benefits and Physician Choice: Workers Compensation Doctors

Complete medical benefits are provided to employees eligible for worker's compensation benefits, with no time or monetary limits. Unlike other states, injured workers in Tennessee are not required to treat medically within certain time frames. Medical benefits include primary care, specialists and chiropractic care. Employees choose a physician from a panel of physicians provided and maintained by the employer. The selection of the physician from the panel is one that should be discussed with a qualified TN Workers Comp lawyer.

Lost Wages

Temporary Total Disability You may be eligible for lost wage payments if your treating workers compensation doctor has indicated that your completely off work, (temporary total disability-TTD) or can work with restrictions, (temporary partial disability-TPD). TTD payments are 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage (AWW), which is based on the wages you earned during the 52 full weeks prior to your accident. TTD benefits may continue until you return to work or you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), for up to 400 weeks

Temporary Partial Disability If the doctor has indicated that you can return to work with restrictions your employer may be able to accommodate these restrictions. Many times the job you are performing post-injury does not pay the same wages as prior to the accident. The insurance carrier will pay you a supplemental payment to reach 66 percent of the difference between your AWW before your injury and your AWW after your injury. These calculations are not always correct and can result in you receiving even less money. When you are unsure about your payments you should have a Tennessee workers compensation lawyer review your case.

Permanent Total Disability At the end of your treatment with your workers compensation physician, they may determine that you have reached MMI and assign an impairment rating as a result of your injury under the American Medical Association Guides. Your benefits will be calculated using this rating

Permanent Partial Disability & Impairment Rating At the end of your treatment with your workers compensation physician, they may determine that you have reached MMI and assign an impairment rating as a result of your injury under the American Medical Association Guides. Your benefits will be calculated using this rating

Insurance companies are required to pay you every two weeks while you are out of work because of your injuries. If they don't pay you timely, bi-weekly they may owe you penalties and interest.. In many cases the insurance company incorrectly calculates your benefits and underpays you. In order to determine if you are being paid correctly you should have a workers compensation lawyer review your wages and case.

The Advantage of Experience

We want you to compare Tennessee Workers Compensation and Injury Lawyers! It really is no secret why Kevin is so successful in winning his cases and getting the best possible outcome for his clients. If you have looked at his credentials you have seen that his 20 years of experience have been focused on Workers Compensation and Injury Law. If you have looked at his case histories you will see that Kevin's success in recovering large awards and settlements speaks for itself about the quality of his representation, quality that we refer to as "The Advantage of Experience". Kevin's clients speak with great appreciation and regard to the results he has obtained and you can read many of them on his Testimonials page.

For quality Nashville Workers Comp representation for your shoulder injury case, please call Kevin at (615) 500-0716 or toll free: (888) 452-3043 for a free initial consultation. You may also contact him by submitting our Contact Form or our What's My Case Worth? Form

Personal Injury Cases

If you are injured at work due to the fault of someone other than your employer you may also be able to recover money from the other person. For example, if your injury was caused by a third party while working, you could recover workers compensation benefits and money from the negligent party who caused the accident.

Many personal injury lawyers do not have the experience to handle both a personal injury case and a workers compensation case. Kevin is highly experienced in both areas of law and can handle the complex legal matters that will arise in these types of cases.

Kevin A. Moore, Attorney At Law
A Nashville Based, Tennessee Wide Workers Compensation Practice

Kevin A. Moore, P.A. is a highly respected Nashville based Tennessee Workers' Compensation law firm which provides Workers Comp law services statewide throughout Tennessee.

As a highly acclaimed Workers Comp lawyer, Kevin addresses all of his client's issues while he aggressively pursues justice for each client. This site explains Tennessee Workers' Comp law in legal and layman's terms and why Kevin's firm is so successful in winning WC injury cases.

As a top Nashville, Tennessee Workers' Comp lawyer, Kevin Moore not only provides the legal advice of an experienced WC attorney, his firm also works with other professionals to provide his clients with all of the resources needed to win their cases.

If you are outside of the Nashville area or do not have transportation and are in need of the best representation for Tennessee Workers Comp Cases - call us; we will come to you. Kevin & his team are ready to come to wherever you are to assist you. Kevin's goal is to get you the benefits you deserve for your injury. Medical care, lost wages and a monetary settlement are your rights under the law. Kevin will fight for you to make sure your rights are protected and your benefits are paid on time, every time.